I am passionate about Earth, Sculpture, Geometry, the Tiny homes movement, community collaboration, aid work and off grid systems.  About living in harmony with our environment. About cultivating knowledge within the community, sharing, learning experimentally, using my hands, working together.

I always aim to do my work with a focus on sustainability, using well known kiwi ingenuity and resourcefulness to make use of recycled materials, reclaimed timbers and things otherwise over looked. To hand sculpt a building with integrity, using natural materials, and on top of that, making that home a healthy, vibrant space.

I believe it’s essential we get back to a strong and genuine relationship with nature, where we handle the earth with respect, not as a resource to make a profit off.  Earth to sculpt into a space to live in. To create in.  To dream in.

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  • The journey began in a village in Nepal in 2011, where locals, the leper community, children, grandmothers and international volunteers worked on a mud building.
  • This was followed by discovering Earthship Biotecture in the USA; there I completed the internship and Academy Training (with class time and a start to finish build) followed by working with Michael Reynold’s crew on building high end residential Earthships.  I have received my Earthship Biotecture Diploma.
  • 3 international builds with Earthship Biotecture in Guatemala, Malawi and the Phillipines on not-for-profit builds, including a community center and a storm shelter.
  • Spearheaded Mike Reynolds trip to New Zealand for public seminars and a build in Christchurch in 2013 and later that year I built a mini Earthship of my own.
  • Working for clients – 2 Eathships in Australia, and 2 in New Zealand – the last of which was a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom ‘global’ model Earthship. I facilitated and ran the workshop for this build, with international crew and 30 interns over 8 weeks.
  • Variety in size, materials, climates and cost have taught me about problem solving, appropriate design, working within large teams and teaching locals. It has also taught me anything is possible, with enough enthusiasm  and belief in myself and humanity.
  •  Cob building experience includes 3 small studios in Australia, and a pizza oven, learning from Mudmob Natural Building Collective, Agari Permiculture Farm and Earthen Ripples.
  • Also a little work with Earthbag construction, building a dome in Australia.
  • Mudbricks & green roofs have been a recent addition, learning from builders on Waiheke Island. 
  • SCULPTED EARTH came into being in 2013 – becoming a self employed builder, teacher, facilitator and project manager.
  • Earthship build in Dunedin as a workshop in 2 weeks November ’13, followed by Earthship Te Timatanaga in the Coromandel – an 8 week workshop as seen on Granf Designs New Zealand.
  • 3 hexagonal Cob studios around the North Island – Kaiwaka, Papamoa and Mangawhai all run as workshops.
  • 3 mud brick homes/self contained studios on Waiheke Island, all on the Awaawarao expo village.



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