A relationship between a home-owner-builder, and the individuals they chose to work with them towards their dreams, is one of the most intimate and gratifying onse! Thanks to everyone I’ve worked with over the last few years, its been an incredible journey!

TINY HOUSE BUILD, Tauranga 2017


“Building natural structures through workshops requires an extremely dynamic set of skills and abilities. Bringing together groups of inexperienced and unmet individuals involves great organisation, powerful leadership and authentic community building. When successfully executing a project, be it aesthetic, functional or both, there is a wide swathe of technical knowhow that comes with experience. 

Rosa Henderson is the best there is when it comes to juggling all these considerations. As a student and as a client I’ve seen her prove this time and time again. On her own she is an impressive facilitator, earthen builder, compassionate organiser and trustworthy advisor. However the real potency in Rosa’s work comes from her ability to build a kick ass team. Rosa’s network of talented artists, tradespeople, facilitators and teachers is second to none in the Pacific Region. When you engage Rosa, you are engaging the support of the natural building community.”          Leo Murray – tiny house client

COB STUDIO, Mangawhai 2016


Glen & Nic – Tara Retreat

COB COTTAGE, Papamoa 2016

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Wow – what an awesome experience! As a community resiliency educational project for the Bay of Plenty, we decided to have a cob cottage workshop to build the skills of our community in natural building. We were blessed to have the project on our property! From day dot Rosa made the process really enjoyable. She has a great communication style and was always keeping us in the loop with what we needed to gather, and the steps to the lead up to the build. We had a workshop for 9 days with 20 students, which is a lot of people to facilitate. Rosa and her team turned up early to get everything ready and she lead with confidence from the beginning. Rosa had a great balance of workshops throughout the course and seemed to gage the group as to what was needed. Her knowledge was extensive and the group really trusted Rosa to direct and lead the team. She knew when to make decisions and when to step back and let the group work it out. Not only did we achieve so much more than we thought at the workshop, ending in a beautiful cottage, but Rosa had this incredible vision of how to create community with the group as we were all camping together for the nine days. With separate activities and team building exercises as well as social gatherings, no-one wanted the experience to end! People are drawn to Rosa through her confidence and joyful being. From design through to completion Rosa had the highest standards aand we can not thank her enough for all her hard work, energy and love that she put into the project.” Marco, Tess, Tahl, Jai and Toko.

EARTHSHIP HOME for Gus Anning & Sarah Rowe   2015

Our work with Rosa Henderson and her team at Te Timatanga aimed to construct an Earthship with a collaboration of people in under six months. We were thrilled when Rosa proved skills in facilitating the group, consistently uplifting the participants to achieve highest productivity and team morale. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal. What we appreciated most about working with Rosa and her team was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.

MUDBRICK B&B for Di & Don Stodart     2014

waihekeWe employed Rosa over winter 2012 to help build a beautiful underground earth brick space. Rosa was involved every step of the way – from the design, foundations, making the bricks, plastering, roof beams, grass roof, to the smaller features of windows, decorative tiling etc. She also had the opportunity to learn the art of laying rock – another string to her bow. She is a real team member – offering creative solutions, listening, learning, sharing ideas.  Rosa is an incredibly diligent, hard worker and happy to do whatever is needed, soaking up knowledge all the way. There is a great combination of head hands and heart. Her passion shows in her excitement and willingness to absorb as much information and new skills as possible. There is always beauty in her work, especially in the finer details which really give a building the x-factor. Rosa also has a very high level of organisational and logistical skill which is evident in her ability to create successful courses and workshops. Her reputation and experience precede her so when she is promoting a course there is a high level of response and registrations. We would highly recommend Rosa for any natural build – from the design to full completion.

DUNEDIN MINISHIP for Kris and Antje     2014

dunedinLate 2014 we contracted Sculptured Earth to help complete our Earthship to an enclosed stage. Rosa presented honest dialogue and openness to how we could achieve this and get the best results for all involved i.e. a workshop educational experience and completing goals for us. Sculptured Earths ability to collaborate and bring many different people with their own disciplines and worldly skills together was very humbling and extremely effective. Throughout the build an open mind and sustainable outcomes with style achieved great results. Rosas creativity and drive show in her projects and hence your build would ultimately grow with that unique touch. I sincerely recommend getting her team involved with your build.

Earthship B&B for Martin and Zoey Freney    2014


I didn’t know much about Rosa other than a little tip off from the Earthship Wizard, Mike Reynolds, who said that Rosa was “a force” which I took to mean that she was pretty handy on the construction site. And he was right… she can build composting toilets, ferro-cement vaults,  tyre walls, can walls, bottle walls, mix render; adobe, cement or lime; and then lay it on the walls nice and smooth. She is a skillful craftswoman and educator, full of enthusiasm, good energy and good intentions. The kind of person who cares deeply about what it is they are doing and with this comes integrity and sincerity. I soon realised I could trust her to do the job right. So I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who needs assistance with their natural building project. I am so grateful for the wonderful contribution she made to my Earthship Ironbank project; her skillful and careful construction work, clear and inspirational teaching and supervision of the volunteers, and for always having a ready smile despite the rigors of camping on a construction site (and the rigors of dealing with my constant design changes) Thank you Rosa!